And so it begins … again

I tried this once before. When I first launched this blog in 2010, I said this in the introductory post: “I feel completely unworthy to talk about something on which I’m so clearly not an expert.”

If I felt “unworthy” then, the idea of me writing about the gospel now is sort of a bad joke. In the three+ years that have passed, lots has happened to illustrate the fickle nature of my devotion to the pursuit of Jesus, the Gospel incarnate.

Some things are still true. I’m still overwhelmed by the power and the beauty and the scandalous offense of the gospel. I still want to be turned inside out, inconvenienced, horrified, and forever changed by its lifelong pursuit. I want to be more desperate to know Jesus tomorrow than I am today. I want to chase the truth.

So, this will be my place for asking the questions. This will be where I wrestle with the answers. This will be where I come undone.

This is the journal of my time on the potter’s wheel. This is the sinner’s gospel … again.

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